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My name is Nana. I noticed that many members here roleplay. When you roleplay, you are acting as another person, but you aren't that other person. When you roleplay, are you living two lives? Which one is your real life? And how do you tell tell the difference between a roleplay and actual dialogue? Speaking is a strange concept- words are what humans primarily use to communicate. But, there is also body movement and expressions. Have you ever tried to tell a person's mood by their expression? I know some of the other members in this roleplaying game are mind-reading psychics, but do you really need to read minds? What is it like to read a mind? Do you hear a person's voice, or do you see a projection of their thoughts?

I think I figured out my bad habit. I'll say it in one sentence. I never shut up.

((This account is a roleplay account for :iconmotherrp-da:, and currently is under the control of :iconzenithewonder:.))
((Webcam courtesy of

Current Residence: Cerulean Beach, Tazmily Village, Nowhere Islands. But what planet?
Favourite genre of music: Classical piano. I once heard a tale of a ghostly conductor in Osohe castle...
Favourite photographer: Photography cannot capture a mood, or a theme. It simply is a past moment in static.
Favourite cartoon character: A cartoon can exist in real life- a cartoon merely means exagerration.
Personal Quote: My name is Nana. I love the ocean.
((I was going to apologize for not participating in the event since I was busy with college, but then I realized that Nana was still acting the opposite of her talkative self because of it.  Weird, isn't it?))
  • Listening to: People talking around me.
  • Reading: A pamphlet on learning to listen.
  • Watching: The ocea- an octopus with "Taxi" on its
  • Playing: With a pebble at my feet.
  • Eating: My words.
  • Drinking: Up sunshine.


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mother2-lardna Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
Hmmmm... *the woman inspects the young girl by getting uncomfortably close to her and squinting*

No, I guess I haven't seen you around. You look awfully familiar, though...
Mother3-Nana Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011
People tell me that a lot. Apparently, I look like a lot of other people. Is it my hair? My dress? My headband? My eyes?

Eyes can tell you a lot about a person, you know. They can tell you their feelings especially. I wonder if eye color affects how you are viewed...

I am Nana, by the way. What is your name?
mother2-lardna Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
I am Lardna Minch. *she squints and looks at the girl* That would be Mrs. Minch to you young lady.
Mother3-Nana Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
Oh, then, hello, Mrs. Minch. I respect my elders, so I'll refer to you as Mrs. Minch and not Lardna then. Most adults in Tazmily are referred to by their first names, but I respect different customs.
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Mother2-Mr-Saturn Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
*Bumps into you*

Mother3-Nana Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011
Dakota? What does that mean? It is an interesting-sounding word. Does it mean "hello," or "excuse me," or is it simply a noise? I should try using that word more. It is quite enjoyable to say.

Mother2-Mr-Saturn Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
*backs away a bit* DakoTa...Is SaTuRnO. mR. SatUrN KnOw Not hoW To exPlaIn If Not To AnoTheR SaTuRN.YoU MaY UsE It HoWEVeR...


((Lol You made Me laugh I love how you RP as Nana xD))
Mother3-Nana Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011
Oh, I see. It is a mystery. How is it used? Only at the end of sentences, Dakota? Or can you use it in the, Dakota, middle? Dakota, or even at the beginning?

((Thank you!:) You're pretty good at Mr. Saturn, yourself.))
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Mother3-Hinawa Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
Hey, Nana!
Mother3-Nana Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
Hello. You are Lucas's mother, correct? I have heard a lot about you. You seem very kind. Kindness is very important in a person. I hope I come across as kind. How can you tell if you are being kind? The other person might lie in order to not make you feel down. Although, a kind person wouldn't lie about you being kind.
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